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Learning Programs

Drawing on my experience as a published writer, researcher, and classroom teacher, I offer a number of extended learning programs for individuals looking to grow their creative practice. 

Be a Teacher-Writer 

Everyone can be a writer. Developing a consistent writing practice can be transformative for teachers. Writing reduces stress, helps in the processing of  life's difficulties, and makes classroom teachers more effective teachers of writing. This 8-week program will connect you with a community of open, engaged, and supportive professionals looking to establish or grow a creative practice and become better teachers of writing.

Create a Chapbook

Have you always wanted to write and publish your writing? Chapbooks are DIY publications between 12-24 pages that are easy to

Offered as a full-day workshop. 

Audio Production

The media landscape has shifted. Podcasts and quickly replacing print media as the primary means of accessing news, information, entertainment, and artistic content. Classroom teachers need to accept this shift and adjust their classroom practice to include teaching audio production skills, such as recording and editing. After this workshop, teachers will know how to record and edit audio in Audacity, a free audio editing software used by school divisions across Canada, and will be equipped to teach their students to do the same.

Offered as a full-day workshop. 

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