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Inspired by The Johnny Cash Show, MAKE | ACOUSTIC is a short, curated, multidisciplinary variety program. Warm and welcoming, it is a space to connect with others as we share and enjoy creative work.

I got the idea for MAKE|ACOUSTIC after a series of conversations with various friends and acquaintances about desiring a venue to explore creative community outside of the bar scene.


The goals for MAKE | ACOUSTIC are:

1) to promote creative community and dialogue between various disciplines

2) to provide a quiet, sober venue for artists to share their work

3) to cultivate a short, welcoming, cup-filling weeknight program

4) to feel and share work in a common space

Night One is on November 2 and will include short acoustic music sets from Bush Lotus and Stefan Hodges, poetry from Thierney Dignadice, and visual art from Rae Swan.


The program runs 8:30-9:30 at Make / Coffee + Stuff. Attendees are invited to come before and stay after to connect and visit. You'll probably know some people there who it would be good to see. And who knows…maybe you'll make a new friend or find a future collaborator.

Entry is the purchase of a $5 MAKE gift card (to use that night or in the future) and a cash contribution to a fund to pay artists. That being said, if payment is prohibitive, people are invited to come for free.

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