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Technology extends consciousness outside the body and new forms emerge. 


UN/WIND UN/WOUND is such an emergence.  No longer satisfied with communicating through the page, I developed a creative practice using my smartphone to connect with my body and the natural world. The results, a series of linked videopoems composed while in motion, are the core of this one-night installation. 


Exploring memory-processing, place, embodiment and meaning-making in the technological now, UN/WIND UN/WOUND will be installed in Room 342 of the Education Building at the University of Manitoba on December 1. Following a brief talk at 7:00, the installation will be open to the public. Come and go as you please. 


All are welcome!

Date: December 1, 2023

Time: Artist Talk 7:00 / Installation 7:15-9:15

Location: Education Building, Room 342, University of Manitoba, 77 Curry Place

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