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Pick Up Hockey at Charry Park Experimental Video

I spent many winter evenings in my youth playing pick up hockey on the outdoor ice at Charry Park in the East End. After an early supper, I'd bundle up, throw a puck in my pocket, sling my skates over my shoulder, and make way over the Simpson Street railyard bridge.

Sometimes we make vague plans at school to meet up, but for the most part whoever was there played with whoever was there.

This past winter, I spent many evenings skating on the Red River. As I skated, I experimented with recording video and audio. I created this experimental video using footage I gathered by attaching my cell phone to my skate. The audio is a re-recording and mash up of some of the voice memos I recorded while skating.

As I skated as an adult, I was transported back to Charry Park. I hope you enjoy.

This video was published in long con magazine this August. Check that out, as well as an artist statement about the process, here:

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